The 60 books posted on in October 2021

Covers for smoe of the The 60 books posted on in October 2021

Here is the list of the 60 books that I posted on in October2021. The image above contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

  1. Adven­ture Girl: Dabi Digs in Israel by Jan­ice Hechter (on this site)
  2. Agnon’s Tales of the Land of Israel; Edited by Jeffrey Saks, Shalom Carmy (on this site)
  3. The Almost Legendary Morris Sisters: A True Story of Family Fiction by Julie Klam (on this site)
  4. And So Is Hashem by Aura Dweck (on this site)
  5. Animals and the Law in Antiquity by Saul M. Olyan, Jordan D. Rosenblum (on this site)
  6. The Art of Tefillah: The Practical Guide to Infinite Connection by Rabbi Shlomo David (on this site)
  7. A Cognitive Semantic Study of Biblical Hebrew; The Root šlm for Completeness-Balance by Andrew Chin Hei Leong (on this site)
  8. Confronting Antisemitism through the Ages: A Historical Perspective by Armin Lange, Kerstin Mayerhofer, Dina Porat, Lawrence H. Schiffman (on this site)
  9. Debar Śepatayim: An Ottoman Hebrew Chronicle from the Crimea (1683-1730) by Krymchak Rabbi David Lekhno (on this site)
  10. Designing Transformation: Jews and Cultural Identity in Central European Modernism by Elana Shapira (Editor) (on this site)
  11. The Donkey and the Garden by Devo­ra Bush­eri (on this site)
  12. The Environment and Literature of Moral Dilemmas: From Adam to Michael K by David Aberbach (on this site)
  13. Generations of Jewish Directors and the Struggle for America’s Soul: Wyler, Lumet, and Spielberg by Sam B. Girgus (on this site)
  14. German Jews and the Persistence of Jewish Identity in Conversion: Writing the Jewish Self by Angela Kuttner Botelho (on this site)
  15. Good Neigh­bors, Bad Times Revis­it­ed: New Echoes of My Father’s Ger­man Village by Mimi Schwartz (on this site)
  16. Hanukkah (Traditions & Celebrations) by Jessica Server (on this site)
  17. A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period, Volume 4: The Jews under the Roman Shadow (4 BCE–150 CE) by Lester L. Grabbe (on this site)
  18. I Am Here Now by Bar­bara Bottner (on this site)
  19. I Sur­vived the Nazi Inva­sion, 1944: The Graph­ic Novel by Lau­ren Tarshis (on this site)
  20. International Jewish Humanitarianism in the Age of the Great War by Jaclyn Granick (on this site)
  21. The Intriguing World of Jewish Time by Rabbi Dovid Heber (on this site)
  22. Iris Apfel by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara (on this site)
  23. Isaac’s Beacon by David L. Robbins (on this site)
  24. Islands of Memory: The Landscape of the (Non)Memory of the Holocaust in Polish Education between 1989–2015 by Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs (on this site)
  25. Israel: As A Phoenix Ascending by Monty Noam Penkower (on this site)
  26. Israel’s Securitization Dilemma: BDS and the Battle for the Legitimacy of the Jewish State by Ronnie Olesker (on this site)
  27. Jerusalem Beach: Stories by Iddo Gefen (on this site)
  28. Jewish and Arab Childhood in Israel: Contemporary Perspectives by Einat Baram Eshel, Wurud Jayusi, Ilana Paul-Binyamin, Eman Younis (on this site)
  29. Jewish and Israeli Law – An Introduction by Shimon Shetreet, Walter Homolka (on this site)
  30. Jewish Warsaw – Jewish Berlin: Literary Portrayal of the City in the First Half of the 20th Century by Alina Molisak (on this site)
  31. The Jewish World of Alexander Hamilton by Andrew Porwancher (on this site)
  32. Jews and Crime in Medieval Europe by Ephraim Shoham-Stein­er (on this site)
  33. Jews and Journeys: Travel and the Performance of Jewish Identity, Edited by Joshua Levinson, Orit Bashkin (on this site)
  34. Judah Benjamin: Counselor to the Confederacy by James Traub (on this site)
  35. The Just: How Six Unlikely Heroes Saved Thousands of Jews from the Holocaust by Jan Brokken (on this site)
  36. Love and Latkes by Stacey Agdern (on this site)
  37. The Man Who Loved His Wife by Jennifer Anne Moses (on this site)
  38. Morality and Religion: The Jewish Story by Avi Sagi (on this site)
  39. More Than I Love My Life by David Grossman (on this site)
  40. The Mossad Amazons – The Amazing Women in the Israeli Secret Service by Michael Bar-Zohar, Nissim Mishal (on this site)
  41. My Brother, the King by Jubilee Lipsey (on this site)
  42. The Mystery of the Bedouin Girl: And Rachel’s Gifts by Rony Kessler (on this site)
  43. The Oldest Guard: Forging the Zionist Settler Past by Liora R. Halperin (on this site)
  44. Passionate Publishers: The Founders of the Black Star Photo Agency by Phoebe Kornfeld (on this site)
  45. Perils of Wisdom: The Scriptural Solomon in Jewish Tradition by Sheila Keiter (on this site)
  46. Persons and Other Things: Exploring the Philosophy of the Hebrew Bible by Mark Glouberman (on this site)
  47. Prologue to Annihilation: Ordinary American and British Jews Challenge the Third Reich by Stephen H. Norwood (on this site)
  48. Reach­ing for Com­fort: What I Saw, What I Learned, and How I Blew it Train­ing as a Pas­toral Counselor by Sher­ri Mandell (on this site)
  49. Replenishing the Sea of Galilee: A Family Saga across Ethnicity, Place, and Religion by Wagih Abu-Rish (on this site)
  50. Sav­ing Lady Lib­er­ty: Joseph Pulitzer’s Fight for the Stat­ue of Liberty by Clau­dia Frid­dell (on this site)
  51. Send for Me: A Novel by Lau­ren Fox (on this site)
  52. Sleep, Death, and Rebirth: Mystical Practices of Lurianic Kabbalah by Zvi Ish-Shalom (on this site)
  53. Spinoza and the Philosophy of Love by Michael Strawser (on this site)
  54. Sur­vivors: Chil­dren’s Lives After the Holocaust by Rebec­ca Clifford (on this site)
  55. Sutzkev­er: Essen­tial Prose by Avrom Sutzkev­er (on this site)
  56. The This Crazy Devotion by Philip Ter­man (on this site)
  57. Towards the Mystical Experience of Modernity: The Making of Rav Kook, 1865-1904 by Yehudah Mirsky (on this site)
  58. The Tree of Life and Prosperity: 21st Century Business Principles from the Book of Genesis by Michael A. Eisenberg (on this site)
  59. Victims, Villains and Women of Valor: Women in the Era of the Biblical Judges by Shera Aranoff Tuchman (on this site)
  60. We Share the Same Sky: A Memoir of Memory & Migration by Rachael Cerrotti (on this site)

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