The Beginning of Kabbalah Wisdoms by The Kabbalist Rabbi Kolomous Kalman Altessler

The Beginning of Kabbalah Wisdoms by The Kabbalist Rabbi Kolomous Kalman Altessler

226 rules & statements In Kabbalah – An Introduction To Kabbalistic thought

Tells his words to Yaakov…….The contents of this book, is precious. For it is an introduction and introduction of the rules to the peace of the faithful of the children of Israel in their hearts, who longed to come inside the gates marked by the wisdom of truth, and to learn and understand the words of honesty and words of truth, the writings of the late Ar”i Z”L. However, as they have lost knowledge of these ways of learning wisdom, they explore blindly around the gates of wisdom. Their hearts do not open for them to the understanding of the eternal wisdom of the Torah. Their understanding is limited early. They lack the introductions and rules needed for this wisdom.This book will enlighten their eyes with the help of the blessed name. Although it is small in quantity, it is high in quality. For in it they will find every object of their heart. For he teaches the knowledge of wisdom, and the rules of truth of the Torat Emet (Wisdom of Kabbalah).

The wisdom is precious and priceless. The book also guides you on the path of truth and the straight path in reason and knowledge – the order of study in the books of the Kabbalists and the manner of their study. How to ascend higher and higher, until the light reaches the halls of NOGA, the supreme wisdom and radiance of Kabbalah, in a very sublime way. And all its introductions and rules, are founded on the foundations of truth and the greatest Kabbalistic Rabbis of the world. The non-existent books of the late Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, and according to the commentaries and explanations of the late Gr’a in the Holy Zohar and the writings of the late Ar”i and a book of creation (Sefer Yetzirah). According to the rules and introductions of the Tree of Life and the Fruit of the Tree of Life, and the other writings of the late Ar”i.

Year first published: 2021

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