The Glass House by Rafael Shamay

The Glass House by Rafael Shamay

The astonishing and previously-untold WWII story from the great rescue of Budapest’s Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary.
On April 19, 1944 – Germany invaded Hungary, in order to block Hungary from siding with the Allies.

Until that time, Hungarians had fought alongside Germans throughout Europe, had helped the Germans with their conquests, and identified with Nazi ideology.

But now, the Nazis began to lose the war and were already beginning to see the end. But one task remained before they were to be defeated: to annihilate the Jewish community of Hungary.

Throughout Hungary, the Nazis managed to round up the Jews and intern them in concentration camps. Within a short time, most were sent to be murdered in Auschwitz. Now all that is left is to kill the Jews of the capital, Budapest.

Only one Jewish leader – Max Krauser – is determined to prevent the Nazis from completing their work before the war is over. To that end, he enlists every possible help. Time is running out, will he succeed with his mission, or pay with his life?

Fans of All the Light We Cannot See, Nightingale, and Unbroken will enjoy this riveting saga of history, resourcefulness, and uncommon courage.

Year first published: 2021

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