The Soul of the Mishna by Yakov Nagen

The Soul of the Mishna by Yakov Nagen

As the foundational text of the Oral Torah, the Mishna is analyzed to understand Jewish law and the workings of the halakhic system. But, there is also an inner spirit to the work that often goes unnoticed, a profundity that provides important principles and insights for everyday life, such as those relating to God’s presence in the world, relationships between parents and children and between husbands and wives, social justice, the Temple, the Land of Israel, and more. The Soul of the Mishna looks at over two hundred mishnayot and identifies the fascinating literary devices used by the Sages to reveal the deeper meaning of the text. To bring the mishnayot closer to contemporary readers, Rabbi Nagen also interweaves personal reflections throughout his interpretations. The Soul of the Mishna is a profound, eye-opening, and soulful approach that will revolutionize the way you learn Mishna.

Year first published: 2021

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