At Night’s End by Nir Baram

At Night’s End by Nir Baram

Translator: Jes­si­ca Cohen

A writer wakes up in a hotel room in an unfamiliar city. His clothes are muddy; he doesn’t know how long he’s been lying in bed. Yonatan came to participate in a literary festival that is long over―why is he still here? When he attempts to reconstruct his lost days, Yonatan learns that he told people at the festival that his best friend had died. The trouble is… his friend is very much alive. Yonatan stays on in Mexico City, reluctant to return to his wife and son back home in Tel Aviv. Convinced his closest friend, Yoel, is going to die, he struggles to preserve his sanity. But why is he so convinced? Does the answer lie in their childhood in Jerusalem, when it was them against the world? Nir Baram’s compassionate and personal novel is about an extraordinary friendship between two boys who become men haunted by a shared past. It is also a universal story of family and love, and of the power of memory and imagination.

Year first published: 2021

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