Beginner Friendly Jewish Recipe Collection by Nancy Silverman

Beginner Friendly Jewish Recipe Collection by Nancy Silverman

Easy-to-Prepare Selection of Healthy & Tasty Jewish Meals

In this collection of my favourite Jewish recipes, you are sure to discover some that will make your favourites list too! Think of these recipes as your introduction to the world of Jewish meal preparation. My recipes are based in and around the three main kosher food categories: Meat (fleishig), Dairy (milchig), and Pareve (that is, any food that is not meat or Dairy). When we think of Jewish foods, many of us picture foods like bagels, borscht, knishes, and latkes.

In this cookbook, you will get a chance to experience a wide variety of Jewish dishes to be enjoyed by you and those blessed to be dining at your table! Do not fret, as these are recipes that you will be able to prepare from the safety and comfort of your home kitchen. In a world trying to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, more people choose to stay at home and cook! Home meal preparation is also a great way to get a chance to spend some good quality time with those important individuals in your life; by sharing a home-cooked meal while catching up!

Year first published: 2021

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