Shoah and Torah by David Patterson

Shoah and Torah by David Patterson

Routledge Studies in Second World War History

Shoah and Torah systematically takes up the task of reading the Shoah through the lens of the Torah and the Torah through the lens of the Shoah. The investigation rests upon (1) the metaphysical standing that the Nazis ascribed to the Torah, (2) the obliteration of the Torah in the extermination of the Jews, (3) the significance of the Torah for an understanding of the Shoah, and (4) the significance of the Shoah in for an understanding of the Torah. The basis for the inquiry lies not the content of a certain belief but the categories of a certain mode of thought. Distinct from all other studies, this book is grounded in the categories of Jewish thought and Judaism―the categories of creation, revelation, and redemption―that the Nazis sought to obliterate in the Shoah. Thus the investigation is itself a response to the Nazi project of the extermination of the Jews and the millennial testimony of the Jews to the Torah.

Year first published: 2021

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