American Princess Warrior by Simone Elkeles

American Princess Warrior by Simone Elkeles

American Princess Amy is off to boot camp!
Guess who’s jetting off to the Holy Land this summer! Yes, it’s me—Amy Nelson-Barak. I’ve volunteered for ten days of military training in Israel with my friends. The “Sababa” brochure said it would be a “fun” summer experience. Okay, so I didn’t sign up to prove I’m not a princess…I did it to surprise my hot Israeli boyfriend stationed at the same base. Too bad nobody told me that it’s hot in the Negev desert…like, so hot your makeup melts off and you get under-bra sweat spots.


  • You can’t sleep in until 11 a.m.
  • You shouldn’t kill bees with your flatiron—don’t ask.
  • Peeing in a hole isn’t easy (when you’re a girl)—double don’t ask.

When I find out our team leader is my boyfriend Avi, I’m totally psyched…until I learn he has to treat me like all the other recruits. Can you say OY VEY!

Year first published: 2022

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