Journey to Your Ultimate Self by Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

Journey to Your Ultimate Self by Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

An Inspiring Gateway into Deeper Jewish Thought through the Lens of the Weekly Parashah

Everyone will agree that a story needs an ending; unless a story goes somewhere, it’s pointless. The purpose of a set-up is to lead toward a conclusion, toward a destination. A story without an ending, without a purpose, is not a story worth telling.

The same is true for our lives: we need a destination. We are all part of a larger story, but we’re also writing our own individual stories. Hashem created us in this world with unlimited potential, but that was only the “set-up” ― the beginning of our story. Without a purposeful destination, a clear goal, and a deeper understanding of who we are and who we are meant to be, the set-up lacks true meaning. We need to make this a meaningful journey ― a story of growth, creativity, and contribution.

This book is written to help you along your personal journey, to help you become the ultimate version of yourself. As you learn through this sefer, plant the ideas within your mind and soul, and bring them to life. Make your life a meaningful journey, an extraordinary story.

Year first published: 2022

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