Leibowitz or God’s Absence by Daniel Horowitz

Leibowitz or God's Absence by Daniel Horowitz

As a scientist, philosopher and scholar in Jewish thought, Yeshayahu Leibowitz was one of the most noteworthy thinkers in the twentieth century. He was endowed with a remarkable intellect and was knowledgeable across a variety of fields.

Born in Riga (Latvia) in 1903, he later immigrated to Israel, where he taught organic chemistry, biochemistry, neurology, biology, neurophysiology, philosophy and Jewish thought at Haifa and Jerusalem University. He was Chief Editor of the Hebrew encyclopedia, where he wrote about scientific, philosophical, historical and religious topics.

Leibowitz was an orthodox Jew, but rejected the notion of divine intervention in nature or history. So what was actually Leibowitz’ belief? This volume explores his belief system.

Year first published: 2022

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