The Can­dy Man Mystery by Rab­bi Ker­ry Olitzky

The Can­dy Man Mystery by Rab­bi Ker­ry Olitzky

Illus­tra­tor: Christi­na Mat­ti­son Ebert

In a synagogue, everyone plays an important role: the rabbi, the cantor, the teachers, and even the congregation. But some synagogues are lucky enough to have a candy man. Everyone loves the Candy Man at Temple Shalom, especially the kids. It’s not just because of the delicious candy that he gives out after Shabbat services, either. Mr. Sharansky is always ready to help, whether it’s reading a book during junior congregation, telling a silly joke, or just sharing a friendly smile. But when the Candy Man goes missing, Josh and Becky get to work to uncover the mystery. In the end, the kids find the Candy Man—and so much more!

Year first published: 2021

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