The Tattooed Torah by Marvell Ginsburg

The Tattooed Torah by Marvell Ginsburg

Illustrator: Martin Lemelman

Now more than ever, it is essential to continue teaching the lessons of the Holocaust to young children in an impactful and palatable way, so that such horrific events are never forgotten, nor repeated. The beloved children’s book by Marvell Ginsburg, The Tattooed Torah, has been beautifully reimagined for a new generation and is a powerful resource for Holocaust education all over the world.

Stunningly illustrated by Martin Lemelman, the book recounts the true story of the rescue and restoration of a small Torah from Brno, Czechoslovakia, and teaches the Holocaust not only as a period of destruction, but also as an opportunity for redemption. Whether teaching little ones about their heritage or giving children an introduction of the historical event through World War 2 books for kids, your family will treasure this beautifully-told story for years to come.

This third edition of The Tattooed Torah is dedicated in loving memory of Marvell Ginsburg.

Year first published: 1983

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