Paris Secrets by Sean Vogel

Paris Secrets by Sean Vogel

A Jake McGreevy Novel

How do a baking contest and a mission from World War II combine? With a whisk . . . and some risk!

The wit and charm of The Great British Bake-Off meets the action and camaraderie of Raiders of the Lost Ark! This story about the unbreakable bonds of family will appeal to young readers who love history and adventure and who relish a mystery filled with twists and turns, fun puns, mouth-watering desserts, and friendship.

This third book in the Jake McGreevy series finds Jake and his best friend, Ben Meyers, as partners in a televised baking contest at the famed Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris during spring break. In their spare time, the two are determined to search for answers regarding a 1940 photograph that belonged to Jake’s late mother. Who is this family? Are they related to Jake? And what does the cryptic note that is written on the back mean? As they discover clues and make new friends along the way, Jake and Ben find themselves on the journey of a lifetime.

Hidden tunnels, stakeouts, drones, and clandestine ops will hook even reluctant readers in this Seine-sational adventure!

Year first published: 2021

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