Blood Sapphire’s Revenge by Dr. Bruce Farmer

Blood Sapphire's Revenge by Dr. Bruce Farmer

Photographer: Sheldon Sabbatini

Dr. Bruce Farmer’s Blood Sapphire’s Revenge is a breakout military thriller starring an elite Israeli special operations warrior battling to overcome trauma, confront her destiny and defeat a diabolical eastern European oligarch hell-bent on the nuclear annihilation of Jerusalem.

Fate or Faith?
After shooting a notorious extremist in the Hadhramaut Mountains of Yemen with a record-setting sniper shot from her McMillan TAC .50-caliber rifle, Israel Defense Force Staff Sergeant Haddy Abrams finds herself in the crosshairs of a diabolical Eastern European oligarch known only as “X”.

Story of Survival
After narrowly surviving a targeted suicide bombing assassination attempt, Haddy is nursed back from the brink of death in the Sourasky Trauma ICU in Tel Aviv, Israel. Entering witness protection, Haddy goes undercover to train and recover with the Sayeret Matkal at the Mitzpe Ramon Special Operations Base in the Sinai Desert. Sufficiently recovered, a trauma scarred Haddy sets off resolutely to settle the score with a diabolical merchant of death who is hell-bent on the nuclear annihilation of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

A Meeting Destined by Fate
Across the globe, the dreams of New York City police detective Wolf James are haunted by recurring visions of a mysterious, dark-eyed woman he once encountered while summiting Mount Rainier in Washington state. When Detective James is assigned to a covert training operation in the Ukraine, he unexpectedly finds himself face-to-face with the mysterious female warrior. With time ticking down, will Haddy and Wolf be able to unravel a mystery and locate the sinister X in time to avert global Armageddon? With a gripping climax set in the forested Teberda River valley of the Caucasus Mountains, Blood Sapphire’s Revenge is an uncompromising breakout novel from Dr. Bruce Farmer.

Global Israeli Special Operations Military Thriller
Inspired by character-driven, action-packed military thriller novels, this deeply researched globe-spanning military thriller explores faith, trauma, survival and the factors that combine to forge resolute inner strength.

Year first published: 2022

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