It’s Cool to Be Kosher by Byron L. Reeder

It's Cool to Be Kosher by Byron L. Reeder

A Kosher Foods Word Search Book for Kids and Adults

Get kids and adults alike geared up to go kosher with a fun and educational word search puzzle book! It’s packed with a variety of unique puzzles, fun facts, and correlating scriptures that tie it all together. This book covers both kosher and non-kosher animals in an engaging way that’s sure to enhance your day or rectify your boredom. Whether you’re new to the world of word searches or you’re an experienced puzzler looking for an entertaining challenge, “it’s cool to be kosher” has got you covered.

We also did something different in this book that you don’t usually find. Instead of using the typical run-of-the-mill font that people are used to seeing, we’ve incorporated over 5 aberrant fonts for the 30+ puzzles to increase difficulty while personalizing your experience. You don’t have to be Christian, Jewish, or even an avid Bible reader to enjoy this word search book. But having an open mind and being a lover of knowledge will definitely add to your mirth.

Year first published: 2022

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