Mikvah Stories by Chaya Raichik

Mikvah Stories by Chaya Raichik

A Collection of True Stories of Women Overcoming Today’s Challenges

“In our very tight-knit Moroccan community all everyone was talking about was how dangerous it was. How would women be able to use the mikvah?”

“I counted three times. No way could this coincide with mikvah night.”

Here are modern-day Mikvah stories.

Women just like you who persevered to keep the mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha… in ordinary and not-so-ordinary circumstances.

Come along on a journey as you read about their endurance and faith through physical, mental or emotional obstacles. Savor one story at a time or devour them all.

Most of all, find out how the determination of Jewish women to keep their special mitzvah is still alive and burning.

Year first published: 2022

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