The Kindness of Strangers by Andy Weinberger

The Kindness of Strangers by Andy Weinberger

Amos Parisman Mysteries

In the third installment of the Amos Parisman Mysteries series, Amos finds himself on the twisted trail of a dangerous killer as he enters the heart of inequity in his community.

Amos Parisman, L.A.’s oldest and most stubborn Jewish gumshoe, has never learned how to properly retire. He has little to do and his options are narrowing day by day, until he stumbles across the body of a local homeless woman in Park La Brea. Despite the instruction of Amos’ comrade, Lieutenant Malloy, who tells him not to get involved, the police find that they could use someone unconventional like Parisman, someone who knows the neighborhood and is willing to go the extra mile. As more homeless people begin turning up dead in the area, though, Amos soon realizes he is hunting a serial killer with a gruesome vendetta against the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Battling moral and civil questions regarding the invisible class, The Kindness of Strangers is a gripping look into the lives of those who sleep in the dust, the value we place on those who aren’t like us, and the damage that homelessness inflicts on the human spirit.

Year first published: 2022

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