Just Freddy by Joel Stern

Just Freddy by Joel Stern

Foreword: Rob Rinder

Just Freddy, the story inspired by Freddy Stern’s escape from Nazi Germany, is released today, published exclusively through Amazon. A new book specifically written to introduce children and young adults to the Holocaust is available from today. Just Freddy is the story of a young boy growing up in 1930s Germany, whose life takes a dramatic turn for the worse when Hitler and his Nazi government come to power; resulting in a split-second decision that might just save his life. Based on true events, the book charts Freddy’s journey from a happy childhood surrounded by a large and loving family, to his departure from Germany with little but the clothes on his back. It is a rare third-generation narration of an historic story, told for modern audiences.

First-time author Joel Stern, who has written the book as a legacy for his own children, said:

“I wanted to use my grandfather’s story to educate young people about this important subject. My grandfather never returned to Germany after his escape from Hitler. He was most upset that the people who had been their neighbours and friends turned on him and his family. What had been a peaceful and idyllic life, quickly turned into a nightmare – and he could never forgive that. Ultimately, the message I want to convey with Just Freddy is that the Holocaust didn’t start with violence, concentration camps and murder; but with the suspicion and intolerance of others, with prejudice and hate speech. I think that message is as pertinent and important today as it was 80 years ago.”

Barrister, television & radio personality, and Holocaust Educator, Robert Rinder MBE, who has written the foreword for Just Freddy, said,

“Just Freddy is a personal testimony with the mission of all survivors at its core; that we should teach our children so we might finally learn that message from almost a century ago; that the world must never forget the past or we are doomed to repeat it.”

Secondary school teacher, Sam B. from Leeds added:

“Just Freddy is beautifully written. It is a perfect first port of call for learners in this subject and delivers a number of key ‘stop off’ points for further discussion.”

Freddy Stern was born in June 1925 in Montabaur, Germany. An only child, he experienced the traumatic events of Kristallnacht when his father was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp. Freddy received a place on the Kindertransport, arriving in the UK in 1939 where he was taken in by his uncle and aunt. After the end of World War 2, Freddy learned that his parents, grandparents and one-hundred-and-fifty other members of his family had been murdered by the Nazis. Freddy married his wife Gabrielle in 1952 and moved to Newcastle upon Tyne to pursue a career as a research chemist and businessman. He had two children, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren when he passed away in 2020, age 95.

For more information on Just Freddy, including a full media kit, please visit www.justfreddybook.com, or contact [email protected]. Just Freddy is available to buy NOW through Amazon in paperback, hardback and on Kindle in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and other selected territories.




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Year first published: 2022

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