Contemporary Uses and Forms of Hasidut by Shlomo Zuckier

Contemporary Uses and Forms of Hasidut by Shlomo Zuckier

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Recent years have seen a shift in the approach to religious life among members of the Israeli Religious Zionist and the American Modern Orthodox communities. The trend towards spirituality, and to Hasidic teachings and practices in particular, is noteworthy and deserving of exploration. This volume provides sociological information and historical context situating this trend, explores relevant themes of Hasidic theology and praxis, and takes stock of new directions in Hasidut and spirituality. A range of leading American and Israeli thinkers – rabbis and philosophers, anthropologists and theologians – weigh in on these trends. Contributors Rabbi Yitzchak Blau Rabbi Reuven Boshnack Dr. Yaakov Elman, z”l Dr. Miriam Feldmann Kaye Dr. Shlomo Fischer Dr. Paul Franks Rabbi Shmuel Hain Dr. David Landes, z”l Dr. Ariel Evan Mayse Rabbi Yakov Nagen Dr. Nehemia Polen Rabbi Zev Reichman Alex Sztuden Rabbi Yehuda Turetsky Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier Contents Defining Neo-Hasidut: Then and Now Shlomo Zuckier, Editor Part I: Hasidic Thought in Mitnagdic Thinkers 1. Pahad Yitzhak and Its Sources: An Opening Inquiry Yaakov Elman 2. Beyond the Ban: Rav Dessler’s Vision of a Yeshiva Combining Lithuanian Lomdut, Chabad, and Polish Hasidut Paul Franks 3. “Everyone Asks Where He Is”: Mystical-Hasidic Elements in U-Vikkashtem mi-Sham Alex Sztuden Part II: Recent (Neo-)Hasidic Thinkers 4. The Development of Neo-Hasidism: Echoes and Repercussions Ariel Evan Mayse 5. Niggun as Spiritual Practice, with Special Focus on the Writings of Rabbi Kalonymus Shapira, the Rebbe of Piaseczna Nehemia Polen 6. The Use of Hasidism in Responding to the Challenges of Postmodernism and Technology: The Case of Rav Shagar Miriam Feldmann Kaye Part III: Sociology of Contemporary Neo-Hasidut 7. Post-Kookism and Neo-Hasidut Shlomo Fischer 8. The Year in Israel Has Changed: Neo-Hasidut and American Modern Orthodoxy Yehuda Turetsky 9. Didan Notzach: Toward a Hasidic Modern Orthodoxy David Landes Part IV: Theological Perspectives on Neo-Hasidut 10. Om Shalom: East Meets West in the Jewish Spirituality Renaissance Yakov Nagen 11. Or Penimi: Why Penimiyut ha-Torah Might Help Reinvigorate Our Synagogues Zev Reichman 12. The Appeal of Neo-Hasidut in the Twenty-First Century Reuven Boshnack 13. Hesitations Regarding Contemporary Neo-Hasidut Yitzchak Blau

Year first published: 2022

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