I Was a Hidden Child: “In the Name of God” by Miriam Ferber

I Was a Hidden Child: "In the Name of God" by Miriam Ferber

Miriam Ferber has written this book to honor and emphasize the heroism of the righteous people who in the occupied countries during World War II jeopardized their lives and the lives of their families in order to save Jewish children. They took the children as their own to protect them from a certain death and thereby offered them survival and a renewed chance at life. Not enough is known or valued about these righteous lives and in her small way Miriam wants to readdress their history and the many sacrifices they had made. Born Miriam Mączyk whose parents were Jewish, she became Mirosława Łączkowska, a seven-month-old child, rescued from the Środula ghetto in Sosnowiec, Poland by a Polish Christian couple who became her grandparents claiming that she was an illegitimate child of their daughter Wanda. Thanks to the courageous act of her Polish parents she was able to survive the war and years later moved to the United States of America where she settled with her husband Fred Ferber and where they were able to bring peacefully up their three children.

Year first published: 2022

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