Strength From Within by Amrom Gottesman

Strength From Within by Amrom Gottesman

Faith in humanity is tested to its limits when a young man fights to survive the Holocaust

In Strength from Within, Amrom Gottesman explores the horrific story of his father, Leibish, enduring the ravages of the ghetto before he is transported to several concentration camps during World War II. While his family perishes at Auschwitz, Leibish survives and is tortured to the point of nearly dying too. Still, his journey to liberation is marked with divine encounters with good people, such as fifty-year-old fellow prisoner Mr. Springer, who shows him kindness despite the harsh reality of Dachau. Leibish’s only living brother, Kalmen, has a separate experience during the Holocaust that eventually brings them together—older and much changed.

This true story poignantly details how the human spirit survives war and can even thrive afterward when normal life settles in again. It also highlights how far hope can carry you, even on battered wings.

Year first published: 2022

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