The Book of Strzyzow and Vicinity Poland by Itzhok Berglass, Shlomo Yahalomi-Diamond (Editors)

The Book of Strzyzow and Vicinity Poland by Itzhok Berglass, Shlomo Yahalomi-Diamond (Editors)

Strzyzow (also known as Strizev in Yiddish and Strezow in German) is today a major town in southern Poland (it was in Galicia, an Imperial Province of Austria Hungary, from 1776 to 1919). The earliest known Jewish community appeared in the 16th century, but it was not until the 18th century that the synagogue was built. Strzyzow is located in the Rzeszowregion at latitude 49 52′, longitude 21 48′, 40 km south of Rzeszow, 75 km west of Przemysl. Today there are no Jews in Strzyzow.May the merciful Father who dwells on high, in his infinite mercy, remember those saintly, upright and blameless souls, the holy communities who offered their lives for the sanctification of the Divine Name. They were lovely and amiable in their life and were not parted in their death. They were swifter than eagles and stronger than lions to do the will of their Master and the desire of their stronghold. May our G-d remember them favourably among the other righteous of the world; may he avenge the blood of his servants which has been shed as it is written in the Torah of Moses, the man of G-d: “O nations make his people joyful! He avenges the blood of His servants, renders retribution to His foes and provides atonement for His land and people”. And by Thy servants, the Prophets, it is written: “I will avenge their blood which I have not yet avenged; the Lord dwells in Zion”. And in the holy writing, it is said: “Why should the nations say ‘where then is their G-d? Let the vengeance for Thy servants’ blood that is shed be made known among the nations in our sight”. And it is said: “The avenger of bloodshed remembers them. He does not forget the cry of the humble”. And it is further said: “He will execute judgment upon the nations and fill (the battle-field) with corpses: He will shatter the (enemies) head over all the wide earth. From the brook by the wayside he will drink, and then he will lift up his head triumphantly”.

Year first published: 2022

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