Iranian Immigration to Israel by Ali L. Ezzatyar

Iranian Immigration to Israel by Ali L. Ezzatyar

History and Voices, in the Shadow of Kings

Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Society

Exploring the fascinating history behind Iranian-Jewish immigration to Israel, this book offers a rare and untold history of one of Israel’s Middle Eastern Jewish populations.

Over the 20th century, thousands among Iran’s Jewish community left their ancestral homes and immigrated to the Jewish State, while thousands of others remained in Iran, even after the birth of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Using firsthand narratives, the evolution of Zionist activities and recruitment in Iran over the last century is covered, alongside an Iranian-Jewish population that, unlike other Middle Eastern Jewish communities, did not ultimately arrive in the Holy Land as a majority of their community. For those that did arrive (or, make aliyah) the Israeli nation-building process had unique ramifications. The integrative process and current status of the Iranian community in Israel is also examined, providing an intimate picture of Iranian life in Israel, nearly 75 years after Israel’s establishment.

A natural addition to any collection on Jewish or Israeli history and essential reading for a full understanding of Iran–Israel relations, enthusiasts of Israeli nation-building and affairs, as well as Iranian history, demographics, and politics will find this book invaluable.

Year first published: 2022

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