Dance the Hora, Isadora by Gloria Koster

Dance the Hora, Isadora by Gloria Koster

Illustrator: Barbara Bongini

A young girl learns the Hora at her cousin’s wedding, then brings her new moves to dance class.

Chloe is our step-dance star. Tap-tap go her toes. Up go her knees, reaching almost as high as her chin. When Chloe finished her routine last week, I felt Madame’s eyes on me. “Isadora, would you like a turn? she asked.

More than anything, I wanted to say yes, but I had nothing to share. If only I could shine like Lucy, Mateo, and Chloe. On the way home, Grandma could see I needed some cheering up.

“Why such a sad face? she asked.

“Everyone in class has a special dance,” I said. “Everyone except me!” “

I have a feeling you may have one very soon,” Grandma said, “maybe even this weekend.”

I knew she was thinking about the wedding. On Sunday, Cousin Rachel was getting married to Adam.

Year first published: 2022

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