Hanukkah Veronica: The Mitzvah Fairy by Wendy Brant, Julie Anne Cooper

Hanukkah Veronica: The Mitzvah Fairy

Co-Authors Wendy Brant and Julie Anne Cooper, and Illustrator Giovanni Lombardi Launch Bonta Friends, A New Children’s Book Series and Online Retail Store

The first book and doll in the series, Hanukkah Veronica: The Mitzvah Fairy – Available Now! (ATLANTA, GA) – Imagine a special place where children of all cultures celebrate each other’s differences… with a few ‘Mitzvahs’ (good deeds) thrown in! Co-Authors Wendy Brant and Julie Anne Cooper, along with Illustrator Giovanni Lombardi, have launched the new children’s book series, Bonta Friends, featuring a kind, lovable cast of characters designed to celebrate the many people and cultures around the world. Each story is focused on the beauty of diverse holiday traditions and the power of giving. Visit online: https://www.bontafriends.com/.

The Bonta Friends series introduces the first five friends with many more to come: Hanukkah Veronica, Halloween Hannah, Christmas Chloe, Diwali Deepa, and Kwanzaa Keisha. Each new story highlights different customs in a fun, engaging way for all ages. The first Bonta Friends book and doll in the series to launch is Hanukkah Veronica: The Mitzvah Fairy, available now!


One winter, Lucy was longing for a holiday companion. When Hanukkah Veronica arrives at her home, Lucy not only makes a friend, but also learns the power of kindness. Hanukkah Veronica will steal your heart as she reminds us all how just a little bit of magic goes a very long way. Hanukkah Veronica is a beautiful book and a soft huggable plush doll, with amazing hair your child can brush and style!


Co-Authors Julie Anne Cooper and Wendy Brant met at their work in the real estate industry in 2019. One year, during a holiday party, Julie Anne surprised Wendy with a beautiful watercolor picture she hand painted for her as a gift. From this simple, random act of kindness, this Mitzvah, a deeper friendship was born. They discovered a similar passion – a desire to write children\’s books. From that moment, the Bonta Friends project took flight. Together with their brilliant artist, Giovanni Lombardi, they brought to life their first book featuring the lovable character: Hanukkah Veronica, The Mitzvah Fairy. It is their sincere hope that their message of kindness inspires your family and the world for years to come.

Julie Anne was raised in a small coastal town in South Alabama. She moved to Atlanta in 1990 where she met her husband and married into the Jewish faith. She currently resides in North Atlanta with her three children, Fisher, Joseph and Lucy. Hanukkah Veronica was a rag doll lovingly created by Julie Anne when her daughter Lucy, then only 5 years old, longed for a holiday companion. Julie Anne is an artist and is happiest when she is sharing her talents with others.

Wendy was born in Montreal, Canada. She was raised in the Jewish faith by her parents, but has long admired and enjoyed many of the world’s holiday traditions. Since 2010, she and her husband Rob, and their three children Sabrina, Jordan and Cameron, have called North Atlanta, Georgia home. Whether it is improving her culinary skills, designing unique products, or a completing a brand-new children’s book, she is happiest when she is creating. Most importantly, she aspires to spend every day surrounded by her wonderful family and incredible friends.

Illustrator Giovanni Lombardi was born in Turin, in a city located in the northwest Italy, where he currently lives and works. He has been involved in graphics and illustration professionally for many years and has collaborated with many publishers in the role of illustrator. He loves astronomy, comics, art exhibitions, cinema, books and traveling. He likes to spend his free time devoting himself to his passion and together with the people he loves. “Our international characters will highlight the beauty of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, and Halloween, through these heart-warming stories,” says Julie Anne. “Our mission is simple,” explains Wendy. “To celebrate the people, the cultures, and the traditions of the world through a message of kindness and love. We bring our readers along on this magical, beautiful, meaningful journey.”


The authors plan to collaborate with trusted individuals whose personal experiences in each diverse tradition will guide and enhance their stories, ensuring authenticity to the work. At the end of each book, children will explore an educational section, including a brief history of the holiday and its origin, as well as all the traditional symbols and their meanings. Bonta Friends shares the notion that stories about a culture or people are best told by those of that culture. The authors hope to continue the series with new titles each year. As they introduce these new characters, they will feature the many joyful events that occur annually worldwide. Wendy explains, “Our slogan is truly ‘The Best of Our World.’ Every country, every culture, and every person has made mistakes, but we at Bonta Friends believe in an outlook that celebrates the good in everyone and everything.” “The Bonta Friends stories highlight the beauty of kindness and reminds us how every Mitzvah, every act of love, no matter the religion, race, country or creed, has the power to transform lives,” says Julie Anne. From everyone at Bonta Friends: “We hope you enjoy meeting our international family and that you never underestimate the magic of kindness!


Visit Online: https://www.bontafriends.com/

Bonta Friends Online Retail Store: https://www.bontafriends.com/store

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