The Synagogues of Greece by Dr Elias V. Messinas

The Synagogues of Greece by Dr Elias V. Messinas

A Study of Synagogues in Macedonia and Thrace: With Architectural Drawings of all Synagogues of Greece

Editor: Dr. Samuel D. Gruber

The Second Edition of THE SYNAGOGUES OF GREECE: A STUDY OF SYNAGOGUES IN MACEDONIA AND THRACE: With Architectural Drawings of All Synagogues of Greece first published in 2011, is an updated, corrected, and enlarged republication of the first printing, covering the continuing research, in-situ work and architectural interventions of nearly three decades by the author, an Ivy League educated architect, and an offspring of Greek Jewry himself. The manuscript, based on research in archives around the world, the author’s Ph.D. dissertation at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and subsequent research, traces the history of the synagogues, the Jewish quarters and Jewish communities in Greece, from antiquity, through Byzantine and Ottoman times, contemporary history and the Holocaust. The book includes a first-ever full scale in-situ surveys, undertaken since 1993 by the author, and the drafting of architectural drawings of the synagogues of Greece, some of which have since been demolished. The book traces the history of the nearly 100 synagogues and numerous Jewish quarters standing in Greece before the Second World War, most of which no longer exist.

Year first published: 2022

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