Where from and Where to by Elizabeth Petuchowski

Where from and Where to by Elizabeth Petuchowski

One of the Last Self-told German Jewish Life Stories

What impact did the rise of Nazi dictatorship and mandatory anti-Semitism have on a Jewish child and young girl in Germany? How did her family live a Jewish life in Germany? How did she reach England and, during World War II, attend a London school evacuated to the provinces and a university department evacuated to a coastal town?

In Where From and Where To, author Elizabeth Petuchowski narrates her story and answers these questions set against a background of contemporaneous events. She talks about her post-war work in London’s Fleet Street for a publisher of trade journals, her marriage to a Berlin-born rabbinic student with whom she came to America, how she coped with culture shock and got used to living in America.

Petuchowski recalls colorful characters; gatherings with students and with many others, well-known and not well-known; her own studies in Cincinnati, Ohio; and seeing England and Germany again years later. Where From and Where To shares a story of a most varied and fortunate life during times of momentous world happenings.

Year first published: 2022

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