A Man of Success in the Land of Success by Łukasz Tomasz Sroka

A Man of Success in the Land of Success by Łukasz Tomasz Sroka

The Biography of Marcel Goldman, a Kracovian in Tel Aviv

Translated by Katarzyna Rogalska-Chodecka

This book tells the story of Holocaust survivor and prominent banker Marcel Goldman, born in Krakow in 1926. Goldman started his studies in economics in Krakow and completed them in Israel, where he became a respected banker. In telling his story, this book analyzes Israel’s social and economic development, its causes and circumstances. Following Goldman as our main character, we take a close look at the birth of the private banking sector and the building of modern economy in Israel. The book also describes the life of Polish Jews in Israel in general, the way in which they settled there, and built the prosperity of the state. The story of Marcel Goldman is an example of how Israel’s success is the sum of its citizens’ successes.

Year first published: 2022

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