From Generation to Generation by Michelle Weinfeld

From Generation to Generation by Michelle Weinfeld

A Memoir of Food, Family, and Identity in the Aftermath of the Shoah

Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, but Michelle Weinfeld’s grandfather survived.

In this intergenerational memoir, the author weaves her story with that of her grandfather, Poppy. Poppy’s account of loss and rebuilding, layered with Weinfeld’s journey to self-acceptance in the face of antisemitism, shows readers that trauma does not affect only the individual, but can transcend generations.

From Generation to Generation explores the intersection of values, history, and identity. It answers questions such as:

How are we influenced by the generations that came before us?
How do we embrace religion and culture in a secular society?
What is necessary for self-acceptance?

With its heartfelt anecdotes of family holidays, gripping stories of survival, and painful realizations about identity, From Generation to Generation is a universal story of overcoming adversity and not falling victim to negative experiences. Readers will find Poppy to be the grandfather figure they need, learning from his wisdom, his recipes, and his beautiful bond with his granddaughter.

Year first published: 2022

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