A Glimmer Through the Breach by Juliet Ayres

A Glimmer Through the Breach by Juliet Ayres

Mancunians Hannah Bernstein and Trish Wilcox are worlds apart in terms of social class – in terms of everything. Hannah is Jewish from the middle-class suburb of Didsbury and Trish is Catholic from an underprivileged Manchester council estate.

Following a major earthquake in Naples, Hannah and Trish become trapped together for a week in the Ladies’ room of a 5-star hotel. Prior to this, the holidaymakers are strangers. One thing the women do have in common, however, is skeletons in their cupboards which they have realised cannot possibly be taken to the grave.

The storyline continues around Hannah and Trish’s dark secrets.

Although initially set in Naples, the story is based around Manchester, UK, spanning four decades from the 1970s.

Year first published: 2022

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