The Foxtail Legacy by David Abromowitz

The Foxtail Legacy by David Abromowitz

David Abromowitz’s debut novel carries the reader along on an epic immigrant journey across three continents. Jacob Itzkowitz, a teenager with a knack for handling horses, leaves behind village life in anti-Semitic Czarist Russia to seek his fortune in the South African gold rush boom of the 1890s. His skills and brashness attract the attention of a Boer leader who persuades Jacob to undertake a dangerous, clandestine mission. Reward in hand from completing the harrowing expedition, Jacob stealthily returns to his birthplace to take a spirited young bride, Shira. Together they venture to build a new life in early 20th Century America, where the secret Shira conceals ripples through generations and provokes intra-family strife. Their strong wills enable Jacob and Shira to succeed in a strange new land, while creating clashes, fueling feuds, and sowing the seeds for a complex legal battle over inheritance.

Propelled by a deep compassion for its characters, “The Foxtail Legacy” explores the external and internal pressures on three generations straddling the chasm between the Old World and the New, and the legacy of a patriarch relentlessly pursuing the American Dream.

Year first published: 2022

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