Zieglitz’s Blessing by Michael Goldberg

Zieglitz's Blessing by Michael Goldberg

Zieglitz’s Blessing tells the story of a multigenerational search for identity and the meaning of a man’s life. From childhood, Rod Zieglitz questions the truthfulness of his Hebrew name, which means “God will show mercy.” Sometimes that name seems fitting. At other times, though, it strikes Zieglitz as a cruel joke. Only on his deathbed, grappling with the challenges he’s faced, does Zieglitz rightly understand the notion of God’s blessing for the first time. While Zieglitz’s Blessing is often comic and even irreverent, it’s an ultimately serious tale that runs the gamut from suffering to consolation, transgression to forgiveness, and faith lost to trust restored.

Year first published: 2022

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