Onto Cen­ter Stage: The Bib­li­cal Woman by Sara Reguer

Onto Cen­ter Stage: The Bib­li­cal Woman by Sara Reguer

The Biblical narrative is usually very terse and cryptic. Over the millennia, Jewish scholars often painted a patriarchal picture with women “in their place.” Yes, ancient Middle Eastern society was patriarchal, but matriarchs had power as well. Yes, kings ruled, but the king’s mother had major influence over him. Powerless women existed, but so did female prophets and judges. The narrative describes real people, with human weaknesses as well as strengths. There are love stories and lust stories, as well as stories of the dangers of favoritism, greed, and envy. This book puts these women―some are role models―into the context of an ancient society, bringing them imaginatively from the sidelines onto center stage.

Year first published: 2022

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