Scape­goat­ed by Jeff Oliv­er

Scape­goat­ed by Jeff Oliv­er

There’s a global fainting pandemic that affects everyone but the Jews. Naturally, the world goes upside down (both literally and figuratively), and the Schtinklers are no exception.

Sara is a quirky goat scientist whose expertise on “Fainting Goat Syndrome” becomes suddenly relevant, thrusting her into the limelight. Her husband, Reuven, an anxiety-prone reality TV producer, joins a secret society of Jewish men who beat up neo-Nazis for sport. And their son, Joshua, who is fifteen and yet still pre-pubescent, is hurled into reluctant popularity at his new school for being a non-fainter.

When Sara comes up with a formula that requires all the Jews on the planet to be separated from the gentile fainters, the world complies, if it means an end to the fainting. But dark forces emerge, and a race for power leads to a showdown so shocking that you may feel… a little faint.

Year first published: 2022

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