Help funding “D is for Donut” by Rachel Teichman (author of “B is for Bagel”)

"D is for Donut" by Rachel Teichman

From the book’s crowdsourcing page:

After the success of my first book, B is for Bagel, I decided to write D is for Donut. From Apple Fritter to Zeppole, kids are sure to learn all their letters in a fun way. They will learn all about a variety of donuts through rhymes, and even learn how to make their own donuts too. 

I am so lucky to work with the woman-owned partner publisher, The Collective Book Studio, owned by Angela Engel. She cares equally about the books and her authors, and makes the most beautiful published works. […] The money raised will go towards marketing the book, which is a whole project in itself. Anything above the goal will go towards offsetting the printing costs.

To all of you who are looking at the rewards and considering giving to this campaign, thank you so much!

For further information and to support the publishing of this book check its crowdsourcing page (at ).

P.s. Read our review of Rachel Teichman’s previous book, “B is for Bagel”.

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