Hidden Histories | Coventry Jewish Watchmakers by Mark Johnson

Hidden Histories | Coventry Jewish Watchmakers by Mark Johnson

This intriguing and well-researched book that offers a comprehensive look at the lives of immigrant families in Victorian Coventry. The author’s meticulous research has uncovered untold stories of poverty, success, and overcoming racism and antisemitism. The reader is taken on an adventure through time, showing the rise and fall of watchmaking in Coventry and its impact on those involved in the trade.

The book is lavishly illustrated and provides a wealth of insights into the lives of this community, from Prussia to Jamaica. The stories of murder, intrigue, commercial and community exploits, love found, and lives lost are all told with passion and devotion.

The stories of these migrant families are as relevant today as when they happened. Their challenges, achievements and commitment to their new community brought life and prosperity to the city where they lived, just as migrant families do today.

Year first published: 2023

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