Matilda Makes Matzah Balls by Rhonda Cohen

Matilda Makes Matzah Balls by Rhonda Cohen

Illustrator: Francesca Galmozzi

This year for Passover, Matilda’s grandmother invites her to help make the matzah ball soup!

Matilda has always loved watching Bubbe make the soup. Now she wants to try out some of her own ideas. Adding lemon and dill to the matzah balls seems like a great idea. But making one GIANT matzah ball is a giant mistake.

Yet Bubbe is encouraging. “The best part of experimenting is you can always try again,” she tells Matilda.

And so the grandmother/granddaughter cooking team continues the kitchen experiments, with some unusual (and unusually delicious!) results.

Includes a recipe for Matilda and Bubbe’s Matzah Ball Soup.

Year first published: 2023

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