A Worthy Life by Dahlia Moore

A Worthy Life by Dahlia Moore

Based on a True Story

New Jewish Fiction

When Abigail finds her grandmother’s diary, the atrocious memories of the Holocaust horrors suddenly crash into the lives of the two women.

Abigail knows that her grandparents were Holocaust survivors; she has heard countless stories of her grandfather escaping the ghetto and later joining the partisans. However, it is hard for her to imagine that her kind-hearted grandma had hidden the strength necessary to survive one of the greatest tragedies in the history of humankind.

Bina and Abigail, grandmother and granddaughter, one in her sunset years and the other in her flourishing ones: two generations coming together to try to heal the scars of a merciless past. The two will have to find solace in each other against the painful memories during their reading sessions as they live through Bina’s childhood in the ghetto, her flight from the Nazis, and her escape from the Janowska concentration camp.

Bina, who was just a child when her life was brutally interrupted by unimaginable sufferings, managed to find a renewed meaning in her life.

Because every life is a worthy one.

Year first published: 2023

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