All Good Tova Goodman by Mary E. Carter

All Good Tova Goodman by Mary E. Carter

This book answers the question of what happened to Sarah at the end of Carter’s award-winning debut novel I, Sarah Steinway. When Tova Goodman is born, her mother calls her Tova. Along with her mother’s new married name, Goodman, that means that Tova has two good names. Right from her birth, Tova embarks on her calling – to find out the meaning of the word good. Not only does Tova become an expert on the word, but she becomes a veritable connoisseur and a student and a scholar of the word good. Tova becomes a discerning observer of people and of events, observing the good – and the bad –throughout her one-hundred-year life. In the end, Tova Goodman not only collects the goods, but she discovers that, at least for her, it’s all good. Dystopia blooms in Carter’s latest novel. Will good triumph over evil? Watch it through the eyes of Tova Goodman.

Year first published: 2021

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