Mouse Malachi Discovers the Sabbath by Dreama Archibald

Mouse Malachi Discovers the Sabbath by Dreama Archibald

Illustrator: Zhi Ling Lee

Experience a never before seen perspective of life in Jerusalem through the tiny eyes of Mouse Malachi and Mouse Eva. Illuminating illustrations bring the dark cracks and crevices of the secret ancient tunnels to light as Mouse Eva guides Mouse Malachi into the fascinating traditions of the Jewish Sabbath, “Shabbat.”

Explore the happenings from inside the home of a traditional family. Learn about the food, dress and songs; then in the morning it’s off to the synagogue on the Sabbath for the celebration of this holy day. This introduction is a gentle, rhyming pathway on the learning journey for children around the world. An early understanding of traditions helps develop cultural appreciation and unity.


  • Sabbath
  • Jewish Celebrations and Observances
  • The Importance of Community
  • Traditions and Their Value
  • Jewish History

Year first published: 2023

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