Shab­bat. A Day to Cre­ate Your­self by War­ren Goldstein

Shab­bat. A Day to Cre­ate Your­self by War­ren Goldstein

Build­ing Char­ac­ter, Shap­ing Per­spec­tives, and Find­ing Hap­pi­ness through­out Shabbat

What unites a Russian refusenik, a US senator, a Parisian fashion designer, a world-famous behavioral psychologist, and a world championship boxer?

What brings together prime ministers and presidents, musicians and actors, Nobel prize-winners and novelists?

What lies at the heart of a global grassroots movement uniting Jews across every language, culture, and background?


But if Shabbat isn’t just a day of rest, what is it?

Shabbat. A Day to Create Yourself is a call to see Shabbat with fresh eyes – to discover how it can unleash personal and societal renewal, and offers us a recipe for happiness in an increasingly complex world. But also, how it gives us something more – the Divine gift of self-creation; how more than just a day of rest, Shabbat is a day that completely transforms us.

Ultimately, Shabbat reminds us that our most important accomplishments in life cannot be touched or measured or priced – that our greatest work of creation is ourselves.

Drawing from hundreds of Jewish sources, distilling the ideas and commentaries of Jewish sages spanning three thousand years, Shabbat. A Day to Create Yourself delves into some of the deepest secrets of Shabbat.

And tells the story of Shabbat in a way that has never been told before.

Year first published: 2023

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