Viila and the Doomsday Affair by Roger Danchik

Viila and the Doomsday Affair by Roger Danchik

Viila and the Doomsday Affair is a rollicking quest to save the universe by a very unusual group–a rabbi and his clueless son, a beautiful vampire, a sex obsessed teraphim, Barnabas the demon, Queen Pharaoh the original cat and Jasper the belly crawler. They must save the world we know–even with all its flaws–before the new eternity starts. To do that, they must reach the Hidden Room in the Sacred Mount passing three impossible tasks (it’s always three): the Master of Death’s acolytes, an inescapable philosophical trap, and the deadly Angel of the Three D’s — Death, Destruction and Dismal Doom.

While our heroes stumble along, various other inbred supernatural societies, (such as the Sect of the Holy Nose Bashers) who have patiently waited, propagated, prepared and practiced for this moment, also start traveling to the Hidden Room by a myriad of unknowable pathways. Those who survive the journey will be able to battle for the right to be the new Gods of our world.

The story is filled with odd situations, wry humor, unusual characters, amazing romances, and many laugh-out-loud moments. Compared by readers to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy–except with foreskins–Viila and the Doomsday Affair is a fun read for those who like to laugh, learn and love.

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Year first published: 2022

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