Wisdom Grows in My Garden by Paul Plotkin

Wisdom Grows in My Garden by Paul Plotkin

Who knew a garden could be so smart?

Rabbi Plotkin is approaching middle age. His children are self-sufficient teens, and his large congregation is running efficiently and effectively. He should be happy and satisfied at where he is in life, yet he knows something is missing.

He used to wake up to anxiety and long to-do lists. Now he wakes up concerned about his zucchinis. The change baffles him until he realizes he has a need to nurture, and right now the zucchinis are the only things that really need him. This is the first of many life lessons the garden teaches him about himself and the world around him.

This book is a narrative memoir that will inform your life, amuse you in the process, and maybe even give you the itch to grow a zucchini!

Year first published: 2023

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