Because the World Is Round by Jane Sag­i­naw

Because the World Is Round by Jane Sag­i­naw

A story of global travel, personal growth, and family responsibility through the lens of 15-year-old Jane in 1970.

Fifteen-year-old Jane was trapped. Trapped in high school in Dallas, Texas where her classes were too easy and her classmates were too conventional. Trapped in service to her mother, a polio survivor who used a wheelchair.

When her parents sold their automobile brake repair business in 1969, they withdrew Jane from her high school to travel the world, visiting India, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Yugoslavia and Northern Europe. As she traveled, Jane was pushed to reckon with her dual role as responsible daughter and as teen in the late 60s/early 70s, the culture of Bobby Fischer, The Beatles, and Hair!. Because the World is Round reckons with what it means to be an individual, a caretaker, and a traveler in a vast and changing world.

Year first published: 2022

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