We Sur­vived the Holo­caust by Frank W. Bak­er

We Sur­vived the Holo­caust by Frank W. Bak­er

The Bluma and Felix Gold­berg Story

Illustrator: Tim Ogline

During Adolf Hitler’s rule over Germany, there were over 40,000 Nazi concentration, labor, and death camps built with the intent of erasing an entire population of Jews, Sinti, and Roma, as well as “other examples of impure races.” Bluma Tishgarten and Felix Goldberg were both young Polish Jews caught up in the Holocaust, Hitler’s rise to power, the rise of antisemitism, and more. Yet they survived. Bluma and Felix’s miraculous story of survival, combined with the rise of nationalism and fascism, leading to the extermination of millions of human beings, is also a cautionary tale—a dangerous history that, if we do not heed the warning signs, could very well be repeated.

Year first published: 2023

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