When We Disappeared by Elaine Stock

When We Disappeared by Elaine Stock

A WWII Story of Two Women of Different Faiths who Risk Their Lives to Save Family and Friends

The intense, gripping conclusion of the Resilient Women of WWII Trilogy, sweeps across Nazi Germany, Bratislava, and the Tatra Mountains, as two young women face high stakes to find their way home.

1943 When a safe house in Nazi-occupied the Netherlands becomes too dangerous for Edith, she flees. Injured, she meets Erich who promises to take her to his family’s home for medical attention. En route she awakens to discover that they’ve entered Nazi Germany-the last place she wants to be as a Jew.

In need of concealing her faith, and with limited choices, Edith becomes the private teacher to Erich’s young brothers. Her roommate is a Roma with a tragic past and also hides from the Nazis in plain sight. When the new friends learn that Erich’s father is a senior member of the Nazi party, they know it is time to escape. Yet, Nazi patrols complicate their travels. Then, the last person imagined supplies a means to not only leave the house but from the Reich, altogether, though their safety is at risk as they cross several national borders.

Following We Shall Not Shatter and Our Daughters’ Last Hope, the new friends, brought together by a common enemy, must courageously look into the eyes of evil and begin a gutsy journey to search for their families they’ve left behind during the war, and to help others through these dark times of prejudice and hatred.

Year first published: 2023

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