Judaism Dis­rupt­ed by Michael Strass­feld

Judaism Dis­rupt­ed by Michael Strass­feld

A Spir­i­tu­al Man­i­festo for the 21st Century

How do you hold on to faith in a modern world? Rabbi Michael Strassfeld digs deep into the Jewish tradition to help us get to the root of the matter: our need to create connection – to our past, to our present, to each other. To connect with the unity underlying the universe that draws us all together.

Judaism Disrupted is about the future of Judaism-starting now. Do the time-honored traditions of rabbinic Judaism meet our spiritual needs? Do we feel spiritually sated after a Shabbat service? Is there another way to be a Jew? It’s time for a new Judaism.

Strassfeld outlines a path that leads to a new Judaism-a new framework with practices that you can start putting into use right away to live a life of meaning. Judaism Disrupted is Judaism revitalized.

Year first published: 2023

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