There’s a Gob­lin on the Ark! by Susan Tar­cov

There’s a Gob­lin on the Ark! by Susan Tar­cov

Illustrator: Mack­inzie Rek­ers

An eerie noise in the night is disturbing the sleep of all the animals on Noah’s ark.

None of the animals can identify the strange sound that has woken them up. It doesn’t sound like the owls, or the cows or even the pigeons. Then the rabbits discover—a goblin! Frightened of this strange creature, the animals try everything to scare it away.

But when they hear the same strange sound coming from another part for the ark, they realize there are TWO goblins just searching for one another, and as they rally to help, create a feeling of safety for everyone on the ark through the stormy days.

Young children will love trying to help solve the mystery, imitate familiar animal sounds, and contrast them with the unfamiliar sound of a sweet-looking goblin, and join in as all the animals on the ark call to the goblin’s partner so the two can be reunited.

An end note for families explains the Jewish origin of goblins, the Jewish concept of tikkun olam (repairing the world), and the importance of both finding the similarities between ourselves and others, and accepting, even celebrating, our differences.

A gentle message of diversity and inclusion for young children, as well as a subtle nod to gender fluidity, makes this a most unusual and modern Noah’s Ark story.

Year first published: 2027

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