Inside Infor­ma­tion by Eshkol Nevo

Inside Infor­ma­tion by Eshkol Nevo

Translator: Son­dra Sil­ver­ston

From the internationally bestselling author of Three Floors Up, a novel of psychological suspense exploring the vagaries of love and relationships through three interlocking stories.

A honeymoon in South America that should have been romantic becomes more nightmarish by the minute. A senior doctor at a Tel Aviv hospital feels a powerful, inexplicable urge to protect a young female resident who has recently joined the internal medicine department. A married couple goes out for their regular Saturday morning walk in the orchards on the outskirts of town. The man walks back into the orchard for a moment—and disappears without a trace. Eshkol Nevo’s darkest, most thrilling novel to date, Inside Information weaves together three turbulent and unconventional love stories, diving deep into the enigma that lies at the heart of all intimacy, whether between a man and a woman, a parent and a child, or a person and what they’ve lost.

Year first published: 2023

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