Let There Be Light-Genesis by Richard Rinberg, Hayim ben Yosef Tawil

Let There Be Light-Genesis by Richard Rinberg, Hayim ben Yosef Tawil

This book is designed to allow you, the intelligent layperson, biblical student, or scholar, to better understand and appreciate the plain and simple meaning of the text of the Book of Genesis. The biblical figure Abraham was born in the great Mesopotamian city of UR. His mother tongue was Akkadian, the earliest Semitic language, which is now extinct. Medieval biblical scholars did not have any understanding of Akkadian, but thanks to archeological discoveries in Mesopotamia and the rediscovery of the Akkadian language in modern times, the biblical text, its idioms, and customs can now, finally, be better and more deeply understood. This book will uniquely allow you to understand the Book of Genesis as never before.

An introduction describes the method of interpretation known as peshat and reveals how the field of comparative Semitics enlightens us. Chapter-by-chapter analyses of selected verses of the biblical text examine the meanings of various biblical words in light of information gleaned from Akkadian. Vocalized Hebrew with transliterations and translations gives access to high-level linguistic understanding even for neophytes. A glossary explains relevant terminology, and a map and table of chronology give further context to the discussion. This is a must-have resource for any student of the Bible.

Year first published: 2023

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